Hi there, and welcome to my website.

My name is Matthew Turvey, and you can find out more information about me and my projects past, present, and future, by navigating this site and selecting the menu item that corresponds with your query.

I am predominately known on the Internet as a writer and blogger, though I have spent the vast majority of my professional career in the technology sector, predominately working in and around information technology services.

What this site is

This site is meant to provide an overview on who I am and to offer links to websites that contain more specific information regarding areas of my experience.

It also brings together my writing work that may not fit into the niches that my other sites cover. To that end, the content included on this site is likely to be far more diverse than the football focused work found on the likes of Aston Villa Life or the Express & Star.

This site contains articles that may be referred from my other sites, and also allows people to be able to donate to my projects.

What this site is not

This site is not intended to be a catch-all for every aspect of who I am. As a mid-thirties guy, I have been fortunate to have a wide variety of experience in a number of discrete areas. Trying to amalgamate all this information into one site would be both hard and confusing. However, included in this site is a brief overview of several areas of my work across multiple sectors.

You can also find my work featured regularly on the following sites:

Aston Villa Life – where I act as chief writer and editor-in-chief discussing Aston Villa Football Club.
Express & Star – where I feature on Thursdays as their Aston Villa blogger. I also write for the Express & Star newspaper on Mondays for their 24/7 sports pullout.

You can find more information about my professional experience by adding me on LinkedIn via the following link – http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattturvey.